Aero Conveyors

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Why Aeroconveyors?

The unique DemcoTECH AeroConveyor™ offers the same benefits as a traditional pipe conveyor in terms of fully enclosed conveying, protecting both the environment and product from mutual contamination, but, unlike the pipe conveyor, is suitable for short distances, can convey material at steep inclines and is very energy efficient.


Reliability, Long Belt Life & Minimal Maintenance

  •  During conveying, the material remains motionless relative to the belt.
  • Belt tensions slightly increase to the friction loss but the friction coefficient remains low.
  • The absence of any rollers or idlers on the carrying-side further contributes towards belt life and little or no maintenance.

Layout & Operational Flexibility

  • The air-supported belt conveyor is well suited for higher belt speeds.
  • Spans of 36 m are possible.
  • Concave and convex curves can occur within one structure.
  • The undisturbed situation means increased capacities are possible. 

Ease of Installation

  • Fewer supporting structures. The aeroconveyor can easily span 12 m unsupported enabling installations to take place in difficult to reach areas such as roofs.
  • Spans of up to 36m and more can be reached without additional support work
  • Walkways are not necessary since idlers are eliminated on the carrying-side.
  • The conveyor is manufactured in compact 12 m sections and is easily transportable.

Environmentally & Product Friendly

  • Use of a natural resource, ie air.
  • Air escaping from the belt edges is virtually atmospheric and does not affect the product.
  • No movement of material on the belt means no unwanted mixing or segregation of material being handled.
  • The undisturbed situation and enclosed conveying eliminates product spillage.
  • Noise pollution is diminished as the air-supported belt conveyor is quiet running.


  • The ability of the aeroconveyor to be easily and securely enclosed was a breakthrough in particular for the diamond industry as the kimberlite ore can be transported for long distances without risk of theft.
  • The air which provides the lubricant necessary to support the belt and product, comes from outside of the trough structure, and
  • Since no idlers or rollers are required on the carrying-side, personnel are not required to access the enclosed conveyor for any reason whatsoever.