Aero Conveyors

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A division of DemcoTECH Engineering


Mining and Metals Process Industry

DemcoTECH Engineering’s projects list includes aeroconveyors for the minerals sands, coal and diamond industry. Projects include

  •  AeroConveyor™ belt conveyor and tail-end combination hopper for MOMA  in Mozambique. Read more …
  • 6 conveyors for Orapa Diamond Mine to convey gravel and kimberlite concentrate.
  • 6 aeroconveyors for CDM to convey diamond tailings .
  • 3 aeroconveyors to convey crushed limestone  for Umzimkulu Lime.
  • Conveyors for Palabora Mining Company (PMC) totalling 519 m to convey vermiculate. A further 6 conveyors were supplied to convey reclaimed tailings, cyclone dust, and lump and fine tailings.
  • Conveyor for Buffelsfonteing Gold Mine to convey calcite.
  • 3 conveyors for Stone & Allied to convey crushed stone.
  • 6 conveyors for Rand Refinery to convey furnace feed and slag.
  • 6 conveyors for Elandsrand Gold Mine conveying mixed cement.
  • Six conveyors for Otjusondu to convey manganese.
  • 8 conveyors for Jwaneng to convey diamonds.
  • Portable conveyor for Western Holdings.
  • Conveyor for Manganese Metal Co-op to convey manganese

General Industry

DemcoTECH Engineering’s AeroConveyor™ has found appication over a range of industries:

  • 35 conveyors for Bisonboard conveying woodchips, fines, core chips and waste.
  • Conveyor for PG Bison to convey woodchips.
  • Conveyor for Sappikraft to convey woodchips.
  • 4 conveyors for Uniply to convey woodchips and bark.
  • 2 conveyors for Lever Brothers conveying soap noodles.
  • 11 conveyors for Consol Glass to convey cullet and other products.
  • 2 conveyors for Metal Box Glass to convey soda ash and sand.
  • 9 conveyors for Ominia to convey potassium powder, phosphates, fertiliser and other products.
  • 3 conveyers for Fedmis to convey fertiliser.
  • Conveyer for Triomf to convey fertiliser.
  • Conveyor for NCP to convey salt.
  • Conveyor for CMI to convey chrome.
  • Conveyor for Nampak to convey waste paper.
  • 2 conveyors for MSA to convey chromite. 
  • Conveyor for Graintec to convey animal feed.
  • Conveyor for Dryden Volvoer to convey animal feed.
  • 2 conveyors for Kanhym to convey animal feed.  
  • 5 conveyors for Voermol to convey bagasse.
  • 8 conveyors for Marley Tiles and Roofing to convey lime fines, river sand and concrete.
  • 2 conveyors for SAB/ AB Inbev to convey coal.
  • Conveyor for National Maize to convey maize.
  • 2 conveyors for Chemserve to convey soda ash.
  • 4 conveyors for Kelvin Power Station to convey ash.

Sugar Industry

DemcoTECH Engineering’s AeroConveyor™ system has made significant inroads in  sugar mills – both actual sugar plants and sugar mill related products:

  • 17 conveyors for TSB to convey raw brown sugar, bagasse, pith, cane, coal and waste.
  • 3 conveyors for Ubombo Ranch to convey refined sugar.
  • 3 conveyors for Unicorp to convey cane stalks, can rubble and sand stone.
  • Conveyor for Mhlume to convey export sugar.
  • 2 conveyors for STE Reunion to convey sugar.
  • 5 conveyors for Sucoma to convey white and brown sugar.
  • 2 conveyors for Felixton Sugar Mill to convey cane and trash.
  • 6 conveyors for Komati Sugar Mill to convey cane,  feed and discharge and for rock removal.
  • 3 conveyors for Simunye Sugar Mill to convey cane and bagasse.
  • 2 conveyors for Dwangwa Malawi to convey sugar.


DemcoTECH Engineering’s AeroConveyor™ is deployed on the wharf both to feed shiploaders and to carry products from ships to silos:

  • 11 conveyors for DBS Natal to convey grain, wheat and soda ash.
  • 5 conveyors for Agriport to convey maize.
  • Conveyor for FAM Germany to convey cement.