Aero Conveyors

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Operating Principle

The design of the DemcoTECH AeroConveyor™ is based on the hovercraft principle with a bed of air underneath the belt conveyor. As a result, as opposed to other forms of enclosed conveying,  the DemcoTECH AeroConveyor™ does not experience the rolling motion or wave effect of idlers, making it highly suitable for conveying precious minerals and metals.

The Air Cushion Principle

Air, a natural resource is supplied by means of a centrifugal fan, which blows into the plenum chamber and enters the conduit area via holes carefully positioned along the length of the trough. An air film is thus created lifting the belt off the steel trough and providing a smooth ride for the product.

When stationary and prior to the fan becoming operative, the aeroconveyor’s fully laden belt is completely supported by the structural steel trough sections.

When the fan comes into operation and stable pressure conditions are reached, the drive motor will commence to operate. A pressure switch ensures that the drive motor does not operate prior to the correct air pressure being achieved.

How it Works

The DemcoTECH AeroConveyor™ uses the air-supported belt principle to convey bulk materials in much the same way as a conventional idler-supported conveyor.  A continuous belt is driven around a head and tail pulley using the normal motor drive, however with one major difference. A trough section is used as a structural support of the belt and the trough section replaces the normal idler supports.

The  DemcoTECH AeroConveyor™ has no moving parts and fitting of the top cover to totally enclose the product is simple.

With the emphasis today on protecting personnel, a wide range of motor mounts and V-belt guards are available.