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The ability of the aeroconveyor to be easily and securely enclosed has caught the attention of companies dealing with dusty, toxic or valuable products.

It was for this reason that companies in the diamond industry opted for this system as the kimberlite ore can be transported for long distances without risk of theft.

Recently ten enclosed 500mm conveyors rnning Kimberlite ore at 52 tons an hour and at a belt speed of .75m per second was manufactured.

The unique aspect of the aeroconveyor is that the air which provides the lubricant necessary to support the belt and product, comes from the outside of the trough structure and since no idlers or rollers are required on the carrying-side, personnel, unauthorised or otherwise are not required to access the enclosed conveyor for any reason whatsoever.

A breakthrough for the diamond industry

This has indeed been a breakthrough for the diamond industry and highlights significantly this valuable benefit of the air-supported belt conveyor.