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The conveyor is manufactured in compact 12 metre sections and is easily transportable. Spans of up to 36m and more can be reached without additional support work and walkways are not necessary since idlers are eliminated on the carrying-side.

One of the most remarkable attributes of the aeroconveyor is its ability for total enclosure. This aspect ensures that the product is protected from the elements and vice-versa, the elements or environment from the product in the case of dusty, toxic or hazardous material being conveyed.

A reduction in dust pollution or in some cases the elimination of hazardous gases into the atmosphere implies that the aeroconveyor is environmentally friendly rendering it attractive and impressive to the client.

Alongside the feature of total enclosure is the ease of installation owing to its self-supporting structures. This allows for installations to take place in difficult to reach areas such as roofs as is the case with a stockpile conveyor situated high up in the bulk store at Transvaal Sugar. Another is at a fertilizing plant where the conveyor units fit in with vibrating feeders and galleries, passing through chutes, transfer towers and negotiating different angles and inclines in a labyrinthine setup. One runs above the roof depositing material into existing raw material bins below.