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Air, a natural resource is supplied by means of a centrifugal fan, not compressed air, which blows into the plenum chamber and enters the conduit area via holes carefully positioned along the length of the trough. An air film is thus created lifting the belt off the steel trough and providing a smooth ride for the product.

When stationary and prior to the fan becoming operative, the aeroconveyor''s fully laden belt is completely supported by the structural steel trough sections. When the fan comes into operation and stable pressure conditions are reached, the drive motor will commence to operate. A pressure switch, correctly set ensures that the drive motor does not operate prior to the correct air pressure having been achieved.

During conveying, the material remains motionless relative to the belt. Belt tensions slightly increase to the friction loss but the friction coefficient remains low and the absence of any rollers or idlers on the carrying-side further contribute towards belt life and little or no maintenance.

The air supported belt conveyor is well suited for high speeds. The air escaping from the belt edges is virtually atmospheric and does not affect the product.

Undesired segregation does not occur with air-supported belt conveyors. The undisturbed situation also implies that increased capacities are possible and there is an elimination of spillage. A feature of this air-supported belt conveyor is its quiet running.